Build a base to deliver toys and christmas trees to cities before morning comes.

This is our entry for the YogscastGameJam 2019.

Our game incorporates the theme "giving" by giving you a combination of "Command & Conquer", "Yogscast" and "Christmas" as well as giving you some great Yogscast memes.

Oh, and you have to play Santa to give out some sweet merch and present to the world.

We kinda added the following modifiers:

Xephos and Honeydew Modifier - Dig up that dough to make some cookies.

Caveblazers Modifier - The game has infinite levels, but once you lose you land back in Area 1. Sorry!

Have fun playing! We hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to leave your feedback down in the comments

and don't forget to rate our YogscastGameJam submission.

About Us:
We are Fire Sword Studios a two man indie studio from Austria.
XmmmX was the lead on programming the entire game and I (SpeedyBrain) made the voxel art and supported XmmmX after that.

If you enjoy this game, maybe you will also enjoy what we're currently working on:
The Perfect Tower II is a mix between an incremental and a tower defense game with idle elements.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Dec 15, 2019
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksDiscord, Twitter


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Saw you updated this game recently, what changes have you made?

Updates are not live yet on
Uploaded the new version to Kongregate. will follow in a bit. (need to make a different build for it)

Update is live now.
The majory was bug fixes and polishing. The game saves now as well and has a proper highscore system ( scores don't get published on leaderboards yet).

Cities and Towns work as inteneded now.

I've been playing your game a lot the past few days because I really liked it but haven't gotten past the 6th level due to other stuff I have to do so I wanted to ask, is there an end to the game?

Hey thanks for playing!
This is just the version we made in 48hrs for the yogscast game jam and right now it's endless areas.
We're pushing an update in a few days with better progression, fixes and a save system.
So the game is going to evolve a bit ;)

Oh ok I'm on the 8th area now. It's great to hear that you are further developing your game (I'm still contemplating further developing mine) as I'd say it was one of the best games of the jam and deserved to be in the top 10. Still, congrats on making it to 15th.

Really good! My only comment is that my reindeer all got obsessed with making christmas trees, meaning I had to keep building storage so that they'd finish a bit and go take full sleighs places.


Thank you! Sadly, that is a "bug" we introduced right at the end of the game jam.
Going to upload a new version once the game jam results are public.

Results are finished now! You got first! :3 I'm 20th, I think a couple of games were removed from the ranking though?? I was previously 22nd, they might have just been checking things.

Scores are not public yet.
You're referring to most rated, wich doesn't mean anything.

Games get scored based on average votes.
We'll know the ranks at 5pm (UK time) on wednesday.

Ah, I thought it automatically updated things that way, my mistake :3 best wishes! Still honestly a bit weird that after the voting closed two games were removed?

They are not removed. It seems like they got rate bombed and those rates were removed, but it's still not clear exactly what happend there.

I thought this was really cool! I would have finished it too if not for the reindeer getting stuck getting trees :D Timecode: 8:35

Really enjoyed your video. Made me laugh a lot.
You can easily fix that "bug", by getting more reindeers or increasing your storage.

got to be #1 highest area without finding any bugs, a well ironed out game and pretty fun

Thanks buddy.

Not is my type of game, but its very cool dude, sound good, looks good, one of the best game of this game jam. good job ^^

Thanks a lot for playing it anyways.

This game is pretty cool. A lot of depth for a 48 hour jam. "You must construct additional spirit poles!" Should probably be some punish for click spamming.

Oh no, I didn't even think of adding a "You must construct additional spirit poles!" message. Must be all the time factory stress. Thanks for playing. Glad you like it!

Oh my gosh! The polish that went into this game was outstanding! You've got a great team here!

Gonna come back to this game later!

<3 Thanks from me and XmmmX.
We're thinking of adding some cut features after the gamejam ends.
And since I'm still setuping up the description for our game I feel like I should mention that when you complete Area 1, you unlock a skill of your choice and move on to Area 2

This is very well done!

Thank you very much. It has infinite levels, so you could play it for a while. :P

For 2 days its pretty cool. It's not my type of game i would play but its pretty cool what you came up with! ^^

Thank you very much.
Going to check your game out once I calm down a little.